Buzzing The National Mall

NationalMallWhile flying as a passenger today (February 23), I shot video of our takeoff on Rwy 01 at Washington National Airport from brake release to abeam Georgetown. Washington D.C. was designed by Pierre L’Enfant to create a “Federal City” and appear imposing to enemies.

In this century, the layout of the government quarter is stunning in its beauty. The National Mall, which was originally designed as a grand boulevard, is imbued with an air of power and grace. This¬†¬†view I often see is hard to share since pilot ethics/rules prevent filming while “working”.

Its nice finally to be able to have been in a position where seat location, sun angle and time of day all aligned for me to share a bit of what I see often, making DCA one of my favorite airports to fly in/out.

Gallery: Cargo Coffee Grand Opening

Cargo Coffee Grand Opening

[img src=]11680
This location features two levels of seating.
[img src=]1610
[img src=]1360
This location features two levels of seating.
[img src=]1150
Cargo Coffee vertical marquee, the latest edition to the Madison skyline.
[img src=]1040
Co-Owner Lyndsey Lee gives directions to an employee. The shop has been open approximately two weeks.
[img src=]680
The large mural that adorns the east wall was created by Co-Owner and local artist Lynn Lee.
[img src=]510
This coffee shop has a drive-thru, the only coffee drive thru from Highway 30 to the Capitol.
[img src=]570
A top view of the main seating area and entrance.
[img src=]500
All Cargo coffee blends are ground at the original Park Street location.
[img src=]770
Co-Owners and brothers Lynn (left) and Lyndsey Lee.
[img src=]820
In the foreground is a sample of the Williamson Gateway Tree Sculpture. Fundraising continues for this 65-foot metal structure currently being built by Erica Koivunen.