Summer Sippin’ at Old Sugar Distillery

How to make Wisconsin’s Cocktail: The Brandy Old Fashioned

Yesterday at the Old Sugar Distillery on Main Street the Friday after work cocktails were flowing. OSD offers a nice line-up of quality drinks to sip on a warm afternoon but we were curious about how they made Wisconsin’s Cocktail: The Brandy Old Fashioned.

The drink originated in New York City as early as 1855 and may have been named after a racing horse named “fashion”. While early recipes called for whiskey, Wisconsin folks started using Wisconsin brandy and thus the name was born.

Old Sugar Distillery bartender Chris was kind enough to walk us through how to make a proper Wisconsin Brady Old Fashioned using their in-house Brandy Station brandy made from grapes grown in Dane County.

Fresh Meat

Underground Food Collective to open butcher shop on Willy

Courtesy: Underground Food Collective

A traditional butcher shop will be opening at 811 Williamson street by the end of the month. The Underground Food Collective which offers catering, cured meats, and also operates the recently opened restaurant Forequarter on Johnson street; looks to offer meats supplied by farmers who take a caring approach to their animals and crops.

The location, which according to UFC was originally the Williamson Blacksmith building for which Williamson Street got its name, will also serve as a retail outlet for UFC’s other items such as jams, pickels, mustards, and krauts.

You can find out more information at UFC’s blog

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The Best Goat Salami in America

Underground Meats goes whole-hog with local hand-crafted charcuterie

Inside The Cure Box at Underground Meats.

I discovered Underground Meats much in the same way the name suggests: not screaming from a sign or on a loud TV commercial but by word of mouth and a chance encounter on the patio at Mickey’s. There was beer, really tasty brats, and then there, in the corner; some kind gentlemen offering salami samples, including something I had never seen or tried: Goat Salami.

It’s really not that mysterious. Underground Meats is part of the Underground Food Collective (UFC), which is a group that focuses on all kinds of different artisan food projects. UM focuses on dry-curing sausages and whole muscles as well as producing some fresh sausage. The operation is a nod to the days when local production of foods was more prevalent.  Continue reading