Hiding in Plain Sight

The MacIver Institute seems to claim through the posting of the picture on the right that no one showed to the March 10, 2012 rally commemorating the death of collective bargaining in Wisconsin. However the MacIver camera was not pointed at the crowd, and a photo by Jenna Pope tells a different story. Photos courtesy Jenna Pope (left) MacIver Institute (right)

Thursday night Jon Stewart cheesed Sean Hannity for trying to prove Barack Obama is a radical through ancient footage of him speaking in support of a controversial professor while Obama was President of the Harvard Law Review. (See video below, be sure to look for sandwich guy) It was so ancient Stewart spent the first two minutes of the introduction waving around an actual VHS tape.


Stewart’s point was that Hannity was trying to bring down the president three years after a plurality of voters were quite comfortable with turning over the reigns to him. So Hannity is a little late to the party with this one as are the folks at the right-leaning (some would say falling over) MacIver Institute. Late Saturday (March 10) they posted a picture of the capitol square in Madison which suggested no one showed for the rally.

Another series of photos was taken by activist Jenna Pope which proves its hard to hide tens of thousands of people. The Beast’s Ian Murphy (and at least one-time David Koch impersonator) adeptly deconstructs MacIver’s closing of the barn door after the horses have left, pointing out that its all about the angles.

Read Ian Murphy’s post at The Beast

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