Walker Should Hope for Recall

Former Milwaukee County Executive Deputy Chief of Staff to Scott Walker, Tim Russell was indicted recently on embezzlement charges.

We are approaching the Rubicon in the ever expanding FBI investigation into illegal campaign activities that may have been conducted by Milwaukee County staff members. These staff members worked at the time in the office of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker before he became governor. It is alleged that political work related to Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign may have been conducted on county time.

A John Doe Investigation was commenced with immunity offered to at least current Scott Walker spokesperson Cullen Werwie and a plea deal to a low-level staffer in Walker’s County Executive office. With three other staffers are facing charges, someone is ripe to roll over. The Cognitive Dissonance Blog has been all over this and presents a great summary of what has happened so far. At this rate, Walker better hope that he gets recalled instead of indicted.

Read Cognitive Dissonance –¬†Walkergate: Trouble In Paradise


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