Drunk Driver Causes Mayhem on Willy Street

A drunk driver fleeing Madison Police damaged two buildings and cars on Williamson Street early Wednesday morning.

A drunk driver fleeing police crashed into an apartment building, bakery, and at least two cars in the 1500 block of Williamson Street shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday (June 6). The driver, Christoper M. Brunetto, 29, of Fairfield, Connecticut was injured but no one else in the buildings were hurt.

Brunetto was involved in a hit-and-run minutes earlier near the Echo Bar on Bedford Street which led to the chase and crash 20 blocks later on Willy Street. Brunetto, according to a police news release will be charged with his fourth drunk driving offense. Madison.com reports that Brunetto may be a hockey goalie; related equipment was found in his car. 

The driver, in a White Lexus local residents report, left the street for the sidewalk in front of Commonwealth Development Corporation at 1501 Williamson snapping off a sapling and bike rack on the sidewalk. The car then sheered off the front of 1505 Williamson which was a storefront converted to an apartment. Residents who were on the scene said a woman may have been sleeping in a back bedroom at the time.

As the car was taking out the building it grazed a sizable tree between the sidewalk and the street and then plowed into a car and the corner of the Batch Bakehouse at 1511 Williamson. No workers in the bakery were injured but the cinderblock sidewall was heavily damaged and the fire department had to install temporary supports for the roof.

One resident across the street said he heard a “bang” followed by several rapid bangs then he heard police yelling at the driver to put his hands up. The car ended up perpendicular to the street with its rear pointing outward. A car next to the bakery and one out in front were damaged. The car of the woman in the apartment was untouched.


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6 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Causes Mayhem on Willy Street

  1. From http://fairfield.patch.com/articles/police-blotter-for-aug-16-20k-watch-stolen-in-southport:

    “A 28-year-old Fairfield man who allegedly was smoking a marijuana cigarette while walking on Burr Street on the Route 15 overpass Sunday night was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana.

    “Christopher Brunetto, of Calico Lane, was released on a promise to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court Aug. 24, police said.

    “Police said Brunetto threw a baggie of suspected pot onto the Merritt Parkway after an officer saw him smoking the marijuana cigarette about 8:32 p.m.”

    Same guy, perhaps? He needs some help.

    • If its the same guy…he is hopeless….he needs to be off the streets…. Not sure what the Conn. laws are…in WI he isn’t even close to being jailed…glad no one is dead or injured.

    • It’s the same person. I personally know him, but did not no know him until years after these things happened. I can tell you personally he is a completely changed man. He is a good guy who doesn’t drink anymore, doesn’t do any drugs, not even weed anymore. He has matured. Plus even though he can, he has not driven since the accident do to his own personal reasons. So no worries people don’t get your panties in a bunch. He is no longer a menace to society. He is now a really decent person. There is some proof that not everyone is hopeless and people can change if they want it bad enough, and they put in the effort.

  2. apparently its ok to be an asshole whatever state you are in and not do any time for it. someone needs to lock this disaster up until he gets his head straight. upon googling for hockey under his name he seems to be a loser in that sport as well letting 2 goals in under 5 minutes score against him.

    • You are absolutely correct. He now spends his days ignoring his young daughter’s pleas for attention as he rages at children on the internet because he can’t beat them at a children’s video game.

      • Just curious who this is? He is decent but that breaks my heart to hear that he ignores his young daughter? Do you watch his streams or discord’s or whatever that is called. I’m curious. You don’t need to tell me your real name and I won’t tell you mine. But this info could be helpful to me because of something personal with him. I wish I had scrolled down and read your comment. I guess he isn’t all that good if he is ignoring his child. I don’t know when this was posted but I hope that has changed and he doesn’t ignore his child anymore. Can we talk on WhatsApp in private please? We can be anonymous to eachother. I can explain more in private. How can I contact you or vice a versa. Can I give you my what’s app name and have you contact me. BlueButterflyCJ. This is important to me. I know you don’t know me but please do me this favor. Maybe I can help you with something one day. Like a good karma kind of thing. You can remain anonymous. I don’t want any of your personal info or anything. Just please please contact me through WhatsApp if you would kindly do so. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely BlueButterflyCJ

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