Willy Kids Listserv Hopes to Connect Neighborhood Families

Neighborhood resident Melody Niwot has begun an online email listserv called Willy Kids to help connect families with young children in the neighborhood.  The email group is intended to serve families with young children in the Wil-Mar and Atwood Neighborhoods, facilitating community and allowing families to share resources and information. The listserv is “not” intended to be a space for political debate or critiques of various parenting philosophies but rather a helpful resource for information such as upcoming kids activities, childcare, items for sale or free to neighbors, etc.

To protect the privacy of the children the privacy settings of the group are set very high and members need to “request” to join the group. If you are interested in being added to the group please email Melody at mniwot@gmail.com

Those users who do not  have a google family email address will need too create one to participate in the group.

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2 thoughts on “Willy Kids Listserv Hopes to Connect Neighborhood Families

  1. HI – just saw your post on the MNA listserv and thought I’d check out your Willy Kids listserv. My daughter turns six in July – is your listserv more geared towards younger kids than her?


    • The listserv is not operated by myself…I was just publicizing it. I have not seen any posts about this since I made this post. Please let me know if it is active.

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