Gallery: The Trivia Phone Bank

Hour 5: The Phone Bank

The Phone Bank was humming in the first few hours. See what happens on the other end of the line.

Trivia 2013: The Phone Bank

[img src=]5780
The first of an avalanche of food for the next 50 hours.
[img src=]450
Phone Bank decorated in A Space Oddity theme.
[img src=]420
[img src=]420
[img src=]330
Phone workers in Hour 3 field answers while UTVS hosts television coverage in the background.
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[img src=]410
[img src=]320
[img src=]330
Phone volunteer at the ready, awaiting a call.
[img src=]280
Volunteer focuses in on an answer.
[img src=]270
Not sure what this man is looking at.
[img src=]210
[img src=]210
[img src=]230
A phone bank worker's workstation.
[img src=]200
[img src=]290
The tips that guide phone volunteers in when to award points.
[img src=]310
After the series was cancelled, a Star Trek worker volunteers his time for KVSC.
[img src=]240
The Scoring crew monitors the progress of the hour.
[img src=]170
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