Gallery: Marquette Waterfront Festival 2014

25th anniversary of festival ends in fine form

MWF2014eDespite a downpour Saturday evening that cut short the set by Lyrics Born, the 2014 Marquette Waterfront Festival was a thrilling success. Strong attendance both days was driven by excellent weather and deft booking by lead organizer Bob Queen who along with Nancy Kathman were honored Saturday “For bringing music to our neighborhood”.

See below for scenes from Sunday at the festival.

Marquette Waterfront Festival 2014

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Park neighbors enjoy the music from the comfort of their own home.
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The legendary bike corral goes on for several hundred feet. Numerically, it was by far the largest form of transportation to the festival.
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Mother Falcon's steel guitarist.
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Throngs of people took in seven hours of music each day. Here Mother Falcon begins their set as the final performance of the festival, Sunday June 8, 2014.
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Mother Falcon launches into their first tune.
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A Mother Falcon violin player
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One of Mother Falcon's lead vocalists.
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.Mother Falcon was founded by cellists and has three players.
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Mother Falcon hails from Austin and began when the band members were in high school.
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Sunday June 8, 2014 was a perfect day for a neighborhood festival and thousands agreed.
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Lead festival organizer Bob Queen announces that the last act of the day is still stuck in Dubuque. Queen and Nancy Kathman received an award Saturday (June 7)from the Marquette Neighborhood Association for "For Bringing the Music to our Neighborhood".
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Mother Falcon's horn section.
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A Mother Falcon violin player.
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A Mother Falcon Accordion player.
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New Orleans Suspects bassist Reggie Scanlan.
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The creative inventors at Sector67 bring by a wheeled contraption that allows transport while engaging in mirth.
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New Orleans Suspects Saxophone player Jeff Watkins
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The crowd sways to the New Orleans Suspects
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New Orleans Suspects drummer "Mean" Willie Green who also hits the skins for the Neville Brothers Band.
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CR Gruver of the New Orleans Suspects
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Thousands packed Yahara Place Park for the 25th Anniversary of the Marquette Waterfront Festival.
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We caught you texting!
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