It’s Always Sunny in Florida

Sun ‘n Fun sunrise over our campsite on Tuesday March 27, 2012, the first day of the fly-in. This tableau was repeated meteologically verbatim Wednesday morning. Photo by: Adam Smith

At least this week we can say ‘welcome to sunny Florida’ as the week-long forecast of sunny and 88 degrees seems to be holding. But in Florida you can always count on the thunderstorm wild card. At Sun ‘n Fun this year they are not taking any chances after a tornado wrecked havoc on lots of pretty airplanes last year. 

Severe weather aside there are airplanes to see today and the stiff breeze today should make the midday temperatures easier to bear. A little more difficult than most conventions is just getting around. Your typical convention can fit inside one hotel or hall, but with airplanes, an airport is needed. Sun ‘n Fun’s footprint is approximately three square miles, and one could end up walking six in a day.

Most prolific however is the Power Chair. I’m happy for the folks who are not ambulatory to have this option, but these things need directionals.

It’s not that easy though because you need to add in thousands of people, support vehicles, endless golf carts, gators and the occasional Vespa. The final ingredient would be the random pass by a pretty airplane and thousands of heads turn and look upward. Simultaneously half of them stop walking and may turn right or left unannounced. My advice: use your defensive driving skills when walking with purpose across the grounds, because most people don’t signal.


One signal to pay attention to is Sun ‘n Fun radio which has been broadcasting programming across the convention grounds and streaming its programming over the web. In the mornings there is a nice mix of interviews with notable aviation luminaries, vendors, and aircraft owners and pilots. In the afternoon they take the feed from the announcers stand when the air show begins. It may sound weird “listening” to an air show, but it’s actually quite entertaining.

You can listen to Sun ‘n Fun Radio here

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