Why We Should Stand With Mahlon Mitchell

Mahlon Mitchell, candidate for Lieutenant Governor

It was a year ago today (June 3, 2011) that I attended the Democratic State Convention in Milwaukee. It had been an historic spring and now there were Senate Recalls to plan for and how to sustain momentum for a Gubernatorial Recall drive later in the year. It’s good to look back because I found some video I shot that is foreshadowing of the election only three days from now.

On the main floor I heard many great speeches and even sat next to Senator Fred Risser, one of the Wisconsin 14. Risser has been my Senator off and on since I was born. Retired US Representative David Obey gave the best speech of the night when he inveighed against the Tea Party, and their in-state standard bearer Senator Sunspot himself, Ron Johnson. 

I combed back through my Facebook posts from that night and found these observations during Obey’s speech and a few others:

From the state Conv. David Obey is speaking: “We see through the Paul Ryan plan, he is trying to repeal the 20th Century”

And this gem about the whole rotten lot of Wisconsin Republicans:

Obey decries the lock-step following by Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, and Scott Walker of the philosophical drivel of Ayan Rand.

In her speech, Tammy Baldwin said our protests do matter, words that are still true today:

When Tammy Baldwin was asked by a constituent if the protesting efforts really mattered…she said, “Your damn right it matters!”

Later at the Hyatt Regency, in a small room, Wisconsin State Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, who many wanted to run in the Recall, thanked Mahlon Mitchell and the fire fighters for standing by the other public unions who were targeted by ACT 10.

In three days Mitchell is poised to become Lieutenant Governor, a rapid rise for the fire fighter from Milwaukee that had recently assumed leadership of the statewide fire fighters union and was a constant presence during the height of the protests.

If you were doubting the importance of the Recall, watch the video below to remind yourself of the passion that started last year and has gotten us to the precipice of history.

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