I Guess The Recall Can Start…The Media is Here

Speaking truth to Ailes in front of the Fox News set on the Capitol Square in Madison on June 4. 2012.

It must be time for the Recall as the television news organizations have come to town, not long after the DNC finally did. Glad they both finally noticed. I was strolling around the square today after being singing a few stanzas with the Solidarity Sing-A-Long in their usual spot at the foot of the Capitol’s State Street steps. 

At the corner of Webster and East Washington, Fox News is already set up with at least two separate outdoor studios (chairs protected by an awning). They have a typical satellite truck, but another thing I noticed reinforces that they are not ‘Fair and Balanced’.

Fox News dish of lies complete with a security detail.

Standing by the satellite truck were to rent-a-cops in uniform. Also nearby several were muscular men in suits and sunglasses that looked like Secret Service but were obviously goon-ish private security. Fox must deeply believe their own propaganda that they are in Madison-land and somehow these wild-eyed liberals are gonna try something!

It’s funny how they get so wound up about people chanting and drumming, its soooo scary!

Across from the singers was the CNN Election Express, a coach bus with a big satellite dish on top. There was some equipment set up outside as i’m sure they did a few stand-ups during the morning hours and will crank up again as the early evening political shows ramp up. Can’t wait to hear Wolf Blitzer try to pronounce our Native American cities and towns.

MSNBC is also planning a presence, “The Ed Show” will broadcast today live (June 4) from the square including perennial guest John Nichols of The Nation, plus Lieutenant Governor Democratic Candidate Mahlon Mitchell, State Senator Lena Taylor, and Wisconsin State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate will all join him.

Waiting for Wolf Blitzer to try and say "Lake Monona"

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