Lake Monona Water Walk Underway at Winnequah

Festival hopes to raise awareness of area lakes

The Lake Monona Water Walk Community Festival kicked off last night (July 6) with a music festival at Winnequah Park in Monona. Today and tomorrow is filled with many events featuring multiple educational and inspirational activities will expand people’s awareness, appreciation, and gratitude for the waters of the community and the world.

On Saturday a Water Expo will be held with with exhibitors, vendors, science projects, and Water Art, an outdoor movie screening of Waterlife, an All Traditions Water Blessing, and a community potluck, all building enthusiasm for the Lake Monona Water Walk itself on Sunday.

A highlight of the Year of Water in Monona, WI, the Lake Monona Water Walk 2012 will be led by First Nations Ojibwe Grandmother Josephine Mandamin and William Waterway Marks. Mandamin has walked around all of the Great Lakes and is featured in the documentary Waterlife. Marks is the author of The Holy Order of Water and Water Voices from Around the World, a UN affiliated compilation of writings from 77 renowned leaders, such as Kofi Annan and Dr. Jane Goodall. The festival organizers are honored to have Mandamin and Marks lead a walk around the lake.

Dozens of exhibitors and presenters from water and sustainability organizations will offer hands-on activities, literature, education and other outreach to the public.

A complete list of activities can be found here

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