BlogWrap: Michelle Obama Pitch Perfect

First Lady Michelle Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention Tuesday September 4, 2012. Courtesy: YahooNews

Schedules kept me from covering the entire evening of speeches, but as one MSNBC Analyst put it, tonight was about speaking to the Democratic base, and reigniting their passion and reminding them why they supported Barack Obama in 2008.

Michelle Obama told a personal story about how their marriage began and the journey they took to the presidency. Obama showed that that journey was a familiar one for Americans in that it was done with student loans, low-paying jobs, and support from family members.

It was an important picture to paint, saying that Barack Obama understands your situation best, mostly because he has largely lived the same life that many Americans have. 

Barack, Sasha, and Malia Obama watch Michelle Obama give her speech Tuesday September 4, 2012. Courtesy: The White House

Finally, something should be said about the way that she delivered this address. She was not a firebrand nor was she nervous and a wilting flower.

She spoke with such ease and verve, modulating her delivery to effectively drive home the relationship between her family’s personal experiences and the goals of her husband’s administration.

Its not hyperbole to say that regardless of whether President Obama is re-elected, Michelle Obama’s speech tonight will be remembered for many years to come.


The blog summary is below:


The Ball Cleared Waveland Avenue

Michelle Obama has not been known before tonight as a great orator, but now she will be. It helped that she was speaking a personal story in parts; but she knew how to communicate the emotions behind what has shaped hers and her husband’s values as they grew up and how they raised their children.

She hit all the key democratic policy priorities, but put them in the context of how central they are to who they are. While she came across as smooth, it was too genuine to be rehearsed, forced, or cynical.

And it was a personal speech. She talked of her apprehension about putting her family through a presidency but then accepted the reality and the embraced the experience and how important their own values would inform what the President is trying to do with the nation.

In the end, she brought it back to what was truly important to her, and that is her family. Which was the goal of the speech, to remind the nation of what the Obamas are,  a real American  family that has had the shared experience of so many in this country.

“At the end of the day my most important title is Mom-in-Chief”


Redefining American Exceptionalism

Michelle Obama is taking the Republican argument about American exeptionalism and turning it on its ear. She carefully couched what it means to be American in terms that regular Americans can relate: With student loans, studying, parents supporting them.

“We can give everyone a fair chance at that American Dream”.


Our Bodies, Our Selves

“We were so young and so in love and so in debt”.

The First Lady is just killing it both in style and substance, hitting all the right policy notes and putting it in a personal context.

“Barack Obama is the same man I fell in love with so many years ago.” as she talks about what he still believes-in.

In a mild dig at Romney’s focus on his monetary success, she re-frames what success is.

“Success is not about how much money you make but how you make a difference in people’s lives.”


Thats who we are

Michelle Obama begins her keynote talking about the caring nature of her family and that of  the president’s. She highlights how she and Barack Obama were raised and the values that were instilled in them.

“We learned about gratitude and humility.”

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