PCBs Still Present Along Bike Path Next to Kipp

Environmental and Safety Coordinator Alina Satkoski notified Atwood area residents today (January 4) that the last excavation of soils did not remove all of the PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyl) that were found  last year along the Capital City Trail bike Path between Madison-Kipp and the Goodman Center.

Satkoski wrote that a second excavation will occur this week and continue through the next to remove more soil in a plan she says was approved by the City of Madison and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The bike path will remain open during the excavation.

Neighbors have kept a close eye on Kipp due to several ongoing issues from historical contamination of area soils from the industrial business operations over the decades. In the past the company has had to excavate topsoil from several properties that abut the plant due to contamination.

Additionally, they have had to drill monitoring wells to track a plume of contamination that threatens the aquifer that feeds City of Madison Well #8, a part time well that the City wants to bring on line full time.

Here is the full text of the letter:


The results of further soil sampling between the bike path and Madison Kipp property have shown that not all of the PCB contaminated soils were removed during the last excavation. Further excavation will begin this week and continue through next week. The bike path will remain open during this time. A work plan outlining the excavation was submitted to and approved by the DNR and the City of Madison. 

Thank you,


Alina Satkoski

Environmental and Safety Coordinator
Madison-Kipp Corporation
Office: 608-242-5200
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