MNA Board 2014 Candidate Statements

Eight candidates are vying for six seats on the MNA Board.

The following persons have submitted candidate statements ahead of the Marquette Neighborhood Association Board of Directors election during the MNA Membership meeting Thursday October 15, 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of Marquette Elementary school.

The statements are reprinted below as published by the MNA Board.

Karyn Chacon, Rutledge Street (incumbent)

I am interested in continuing to serve on the board.  I am a native of Madison and have lived on the near east side for over 20 years.  I am a teacher at East High School and have a child at Marquette.  In my position as a cross-categorical teacher at East High School I see many, if not most, of the students in our neighborhood thrive.  I would like to be a part of supporting all the children of the near east side.

I feel that our community does a great deal of work towards creating social equity and would like to be a part of seeing that continue and grow. I am thankful that this year MNA has increased the number and amount of financial scholarships for students in need.  I would also like to see MNA support healthy snacks and meals at our local and East High School feeder schools (i.e. Emerson, Lowell)

Carl Durocher, Williamson Street (incumbent)

The character of our neighborhood is unique and widely lauded: I want to preserve what makes us and our school and our one-of-a-kind, non-chain businesses thrive. I own a house on Willy Street where I’ve lived since 1973 and where I raised a son.  I’ve lived through major transformations of the area.

For decades I’ve worked in various capacities with the City on policy issues. Our principal funding comes from our neighborhood festivals which bring our community together. I have worked on keeping them alive and successful. I am an incumbent on the MNA Board seeking the honor of my neighbors’ confidence to continue.  I look forward to serving with the younger, energetic enthusiasm of new candidates on the ballot this year.

Renee Lauber, Morrison Court

I am interested in getting more involved in the neighborhood.  I served on the Willy Street Co-op Board for 12 years and then took some time off from neighborhood volunteering.  I worked with Lynn Lee this year on the neighborhood garage sale and realized that I am ready to get involved in neighborhood activities again.  This is a wonderful neighborhood and I would appreciate the opportunity to be on the MNA Board and contribute what I can.

Jesse Pycha-Holst, Jenifer Street

I moved to the Marquette Neighborhood in 2004. I live on Jenifer St with my wife Katrina and son, Sawyer. I was passed the torch of organizing the Orton Park Jazz Brunch from Carol Hoyer and Ginny Woods. This year, the Brunch introduced hot food and mimosas and grossed over $2000. I want to begin a neighborhood discussion about energy rates and renewable energy. As Get Out The Vote Director on the Isthmus, I apologize in advance for sending doorknockers to your home during election season.

Nick Drager, Williamson and Baldwin

I am 23 and a new resident of the Wil-Mar neighborhood as of August. I live at the intersection of Baldwin and Willy St. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2013 with a B.A. in History and Political Science.

I would like to serve as part of the MNA Board because I am passionate about the neighborhood and believe that both my youth and recency to the neighborhood add a unique and valuable perspective to discussions. I hope to serve the interests of the neighborhood in sustaining its character, upholding its values of equality and accessibility, and promoting responsible and sustainable development.

Jack Kear, East Wilson St. (incumbent)

I am running again for the board of MNA because I believe that in the one year I have served I have just begun to understand the issues facing the neighborhood and I’d like to continue learning more. I’m a single working homeowner with an interest in maintaining the identity of the Marquette district especially in attempts to reshape us into Capital East.

I’m happy to represent progressive residents looking to keep our parks clean but thriving, to support careful development that values affordable housing, to assist the influx of new businesses that will benefit the district, and to keep Willy weird.

Amanda White, Spaight Street

I have lived in the Atwood and Marquette neighborhoods for nearly 10 years and supported Clean Air Madison, brought Community Cars to the near east side and worked at the Wisconsin Bike Fed to make the east side even more bicycle-friendly. As a fundraising professional, I would enjoy using my skills to assist MNA in raising more dollars to support our vibrant and amazing neighborhood.

CeCe Pollard, Williamson Street

I would like to be a board member for the Marquette Neighborhood Association to maintain the commitment to diversity, sustainability and community impact the MNA provides for the Greater Madison area in the framework of arts, music, theatre and attracting corporate relationships. My experience in public relations, advertising and community service will allow me to provide expertise in securing partnerships with entities that support growth and enhancement in multi-cultural frameworks.

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