BlogWrap: Bill Clinton’s Political Potion Number Nine

How Bill Clinton seduced Peter Griffin and America

President Barack Obama joins former President Bill Clinton after he gave a rousing speech in support of his reelection. Courtesy: The Washington Times

There is a magic about Bill Clinton. Its obvious there is a sex appeal that women fell for during his entire political life as exhaustively chronicled in the 1990s. But his underlying irresistible mojo has to do with his wonky command of policy details along with his innate ability to communicate to his fellow Americans how these policies impact them.

Clinton’s defense of Barack Obama’s stewardship over the last three years all but eviscerated every Republican attack on Obama’s record. Clinton relished the role because as of late, Republicans were in a way co-opting Clinton’s legacy by praising Clinton on issues like welfare in order to tarnish Obama with a dubious and largely discredited attacks on his welfare policy. 

Often going off script with ease, he said Barack Obama was the only President and/or person qualified to build on his own accomplishments. The speech received rave reviews from just about every corner and was exactly the type of validation that Obama needs to blunt and turn back the disingenuous postulates Republicans give for why Romney would be a better president.

The substance of his speech was important, but so was the power and emotion in which he delivered it. The reaction from the party faithful and those moderates and independents who were swayed by Bill Clinton for two terms was exactly the kind of feeling the Obama campaign was hoping for.

That reaction in the twitterverse, in blogs, on TV, and radio reminded me of a Family Guy episode where Bill Clinton seduces Peg Griffin, Peter’s wife. Peter spends the episode dealing with the infidelity and doesn’t understand why Peg cheated until he confronts Bill Clinton himself.

See the relevant clip below that explains the power of Bill:


Here is the full speech:

The blog summary is below:



Bill Clinton crescendos his forty-five minute thrashing of the Republican attacks, positions, and a vigorous defense of the President’s policies and some of his own that the President has championed.

As he finished his speech, President Obama walked out which brought the crowd to a noise level I didn’t think was possible. They embraced and it lingered longer than expected which illuminates the changing relationship the two have.



Bill Clinton tells the story of how he answers when people ask him how he brought budget surpluses to Washington.

He simply answered, “Arithmetic”.

Its a beautifully simple answer to illuminate the differences in budgeting philosophies, how an economy that doesn’t involve increased tax revenues will not work.

“We can’t let them double down on trickle down!”


The Wonk walks America through the health care/welfare debate

What better person to sell health care than a policy wonk president who tried to pass national health care 20 years ago. Clinton knows the ins and outs of the national health care system and can rebut with unimpeachable credibility the Republican arguments.

He also brought up Paul Ryan’s assertion that the President cut medicare when he actually cut payments to insurance companies. Clinton noted this was especially disingenuous considering Ryan’s own plan cuts payments the exact amount as the President proposed except his are to recipients.

Clinton said, “That was the coldest power play…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

and  followed with this zinger, “It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you just did.”

He made the same argument about welfare reform which Clinton passed during his presidency. Again, cagey move to chose the man who is credited with welfare reform to counter all the lies put forth by the Romney campaign.


Clinton makes the Key rebuttal argument for this fall

“No one could have fully repaired all of the damage that was done in just four years…But he has laid the foundations for a new modern successful economy, and  a shared propsperity.  If you renew his contract as President, you will feel it.”

He added, “I want you to know that I believe it…with all my heart,  I believe it.”

This argument can only have credibility and resonance if it comes from a person who has also run the world’s largest economy.


Not really a fair fight

Its not really fair for the Republicans when two of  the best oratorical presidents have served in the last 20 years. One is still revered despite some of his more dubious actions and has rehabilitated  his image enough to be asked to re-nominate the current President.

The Republicans have already had their chance to present their arguments, and now Bill Clinton is up in prime time shredding all of their arguments. Bill Clinton can present with emotion as well as bludgeon with details, and without an teleprompter.

Clinton his up there right now just slaying them without notes.


“We are here to nominate a President”

Bill Clinton starts out his speech to say he is here  to nominate a president and, “I’ve got one in mind.” Clinton starts off his speech with a refrain gimick, “I want to nominate a man,”

“… that is cool on the outside but burns for American on the inside.”


Nomination Process is Starting

A video is playing to introduce Bill Clinton, using his campaign theme song from 1992, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”

Bill Clinton will speak shortly to place Barack Obama’s name in nomination.


Warren Gets Chance to Make a National Pitch

Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren addresses her first Democratic convention.

“He is an amazing man and had the good sense to marry one of the coolest women” Warren said  of Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary.

Warren was tapped by President Obama to form the Consumer Protection Bureau and was nominated to head it when Republican opposition derailed it. Warren is known as a very bright Harvard scholar and her work in economics is highly respected.

As she was being sidelined for the CSB, buzz started to grow for her politically. Her unvarnished speeches and appearances on television speaking truth to power about the rigged economic system vaulted her to front runner status for the Senate.

She is in a dog fight with barely moderate incumbent Scott Brown and is currently down four points in the polls.


The “Slut” Takes the Stage

Sandra Fluke is now speaking, reminding everyone that she testified in a congressional hearing about women’s health where at first not one woman was invited to testify.



Lawrence O’Donnell just interviewed Minnesota Senator Al Franken. The comedian turned liberal talk host to Senator is both witty and very politically astute…but he kinda sound drunk…or maybe he’s just old. But he’s always had a thick drawly delivery.


Bain Bashing

The DNC has trotted out  a series of speakers that used to work for Bain Capital, the company he headed until 1999 according to Romney but at least 2002 and beyond according to SEC documents.


DNC’s Own Surprise Guest

Still to come tonight, Sandra Fluke who became famous after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut. She had testified before a congressional panel about the cost of birth control which prompted Limbaugh to wonder why she needed birth control.

Also at some mysterious point, President Obama will make an appearance at the hall. The official nomination vote is tonight and after the nominee is confirmed by the voting delegates, usually the nominee makes vanity appearance and waves. It is not apparent if this is when he will appear or if he will take-in  the speeches from a box.


The Rhetorical Power of Beer

It came out recently that the White House had released some recipes of beer they had been home brewing. Bill Butcher of the Port City Brewing Company of Washington D.C. just made a short speech about being a small  business owner.


Countdown to Kickoff

Courtesy: The

Hard to compete with  Giants-Cowboys…but the NFL is committing season creep by now starting on Wednesday…its like the preseason never ended.

Sister Simone Campbell (@sr_simone) of Roman Catholic Social Justice Organziation, NETWORK just finished speaking about how you can be pro-life and still have a choice.

The sisters have been on a bus tour to protest the Paul Ryan budget and Mitt Romney for supporting it. Their stance and activism has caused friction between them and the Bishops the work with in the Roman Catholic Church.

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