10 Things WI Voters Should Know for Primary Day

GAB looks to cut confusion over changing voter rules

Voters cast their ballots in a recall election for the governor and lieutenant governor at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center June 5, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo by Andy Manis/Getty Images

Tuesday (August 14) is Primary Day in Wisconsin, yes another election is here. Ever since Wisconsin Governor Scott Waker launched the state into political chaos, the result has been constant voting by residents due to the recalls and of course the normal election cycle. The Republican controlled legislature has been complicit in this chaos by passing or repealing laws that continue to inflame a sizable portion of the electorate.

One of these laws is Voter I.D., which the Republicans say roots out fraud. But many others say it attacks a problem that doesn’t exist and instead accomplishes another goal; to limit/prevent left-leaning voters access or at least the same ease of access to polling places that right-leaning voters tend to enjoy.  Continue reading

Central Park Bike-Ped Rail Crossing Approved

Crossing at Few Street should boost City’s plans for park

The $14 million Central Park will feature trails, structures and amenities designed with Madison’s cultural, natural, and industrial traditions in mind. It will now also include a Bike-Ped rail crossing at Few Street (Right).

While at least one street crossing over the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad tracks through the near-east rail corridor is likely to be closed; another is opening. The City of Madison has successfully petitioned the Wisconsin Railroad Commission to open a pedestrian and bike crossing at Few Street.

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Changes Made to Orton Park Festival

MNA holds second meeting to address noise, environmental concerns

Residents are concerned about noise during the Orton Park Festival as well as the affect of thousands of feet on the turf and tree roots.

The success of neighborhood festivals in the Marquette Neighborhood is starting to show some strain on residents. Last week (July 31) the Marquette Neighborhood Association held a second meeting to address concerns regarding noise during the upcoming Orton Park Festival and wear and tear on the turf and the tree roots.

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‘So Easy A Woman Could Fly It’

Women pilots in WW II helped men conquer fears of flying the B-29

Former B-29 Pilot Dora Dougherty (left) and Lt. Col. George Hardy ret. a Tuskegee Airman flew the B-29 in Korea. Photo by: Steve Schapiro

In World War Two women were not allowed to fly in combat, and African-Americans were only begrudgingly permitted toward the end of the conflict. But women did perform an incredible amount of military flying as Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs).

The Boeing B-29 “Superfortress” was the best bomber of the war, but it had some serious teething problems that made male pilots reluctant to fly it. Enter two WASPs who were plucked by Colonel Paul Tibbets to demonstrate that the plane was safe. Tibbets took this extraordinary step because he had a big mission to accomplish; train a bomber group to drop atomic weapons, which at that moment was still a big “if”.

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Potential Union Corners Developers to Give Presentations

Developers to take questions about proposals

Following a meeting on August 6 to score the five proposals for development of Union Corners, a second meeting will be held August 15. At this meeting the developers who have submitted proposals will be given 15 minutes each for a presentation and time will also be made for questions from the public.

The session will be held for 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Goodman Community Center. The results of both meetings will be compiled and presented to the selection committee for consideration as the process moves forward.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Five proposals for Union Corners redevelopment revealed

Union Corners has been vacant for quite some time but the City sees its redevelopment as one of the crown jewels of resurrecting the Capitol East corridor. Many of the plans submitted for the site include using the bricks (left) from the French Battery Company plant that used to reside on a portion of the site.

Everyone wants Union Corners developed. Once the location of a Kohl’s food store and the French Battery Company plant, it has sat grass-covered and empty for years. Now five proposals have been submitted in response to the City’s recent Request For Proposal and the vetting process begins.

We have been down this road before, McGrath Associates had an approved plan with neighborhood support for mostly residential buildings in 2004 but the economic downturn derailed the project by 2007. Union Corners had been dying a slow death for decades as businesses struggled to exist on that corner and Ray-O-Vac’s manufacturing plant faded away. In 2010 the city purchased the site for $3.57 million and issued an RFP in June.

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MNA Neighborhood-Wide Yard Sale Saturday

Courtesy: MNA

The Marquette Neighborhood Association’s 1st Annual Neighborhood-wide yard sale is Saturday August 4, 2012. Participating neighbors can add their yard/porch/garage sale to the map by e-mailing the street address here.

Ads have been placed with the following publications: Capital Newspapers,  http://gsalr.com/ , Madison Craigslist; and refer to an on-line map () so there is still time to add your sale right up to Saturday.   The map is posted on our website and Facebook page.

Signs will go up on Friday night/early Saturday morning.  Volunteers needed general signage and support can offer their help here.