Drug Raid on Jenifer Street Brings Out Police Toys

Madison Police SWAT team deployed to 900 block Tuesday afternoon

A Madison Police Assault vehicle takes a position in front of 909 Jenifer Street which was the target of a drug raid, June 16, 2015.

A Madison Police Assault vehicle takes a position in front of 909 Jenifer Street which was the target of a drug raid, June 16, 2015.

Madison Police executed a search warrant in the 900 block of Jenifer Street yesterday (June 16) just after 12:30 p.m. as part of a investigation into drug activity. Traffic was blocked off for the entire block while members of the Madison Police SWAT team moved in.

Neighbors reported seeing a large military-style vehicle painted in black with Madison Police markings park in front of the home and a public address speaker on the vehicle told the occupants that they [the police] were aware they had guns. Kendall G. Ragland, 36, was arrested  during a high risk traffic stop on south Carroll Street and charged with four felonies and one misdemeanor in relation to the investigation.

Madison Police Department says that the raid was the result of a seven month investigation which recovered more than 32 grams of heroin and more than 14 grams of cocaine as well as other evidence but so far there is no information that weapons were found; however the investigation is ongoing.

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Madison Metro Bleeps-out Beeps

City bus administrators relent to public pressure regarding noisy turn signals

No more beeps when Madison Metro bus turn signals are on.

No more beeps when Madison Metro bus turn signals are on.

Madison Metro gave a heads-up to alders today in an email on a decision to turn off the audible turn signals that have been driving neighborhood residents crazy throughout the city, especially in quiet areas late at night.

Metro had installed the system on it’s buses to increase awareness as the bus was pulling in and out of stops to reduce the chance of collisions. The decision to add the system was partly in response to a fatality several year ago when a turning bus struck a pedestrian on University Avenue.

Allison Smith, who lives near the Edgewater in the Mansion Hill neighborhood and on the #81 bus line started noticing the beeping in January. The #81 has a schedule that runs until 2:20 a.m. on weekdays and 3:20 a.m. on weekends and after living through two years of Edgewater construction she started to research the impacts of noise on health.

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Landmarks Denies Demolition Permit for 906 Willy

Preservation versus exceptional new design at the crux of the vote

The Landmarks Commission meeting on June 15, 2015. (clockwise) Commissioners David McClean, Erica Fox Gehrig, Micheal Rosenblum, Commission Staff, Chairman Stuart Levitan, Randy Bruce, Knothe-Bruce Architects, Commissioners Christina Slattery and Marsha Rummel.

The Landmarks Commission meeting on June 15, 2015. (clockwise) Commissioners David McClean, Erica Fox Gehrig and Micheal Rosenblum, Commission Staff, Chairman Stuart Levitan, Randy Bruce of Knothe-Bruce Architects, Commissioners Christina Slattery and Marsha Rummel.

The status of a new development at 906 Williamson Street is in doubt after the Landmarks Commission voted 4 to 1 today (June 15) to deny a demolition permit to remove a 114 year-old four-bedroom home that is currently on the site.

The original project was proposed late last year by developer Louis Fortis and has gone through an evolution as both the neighborhood via the Marquette Neighborhood Association and Landmarks have weighed-in. Knothe-Bruce Architects has been shepherding the project and has made many adjustments based on neighborhood input.

However much of the staunch resistance has been from Landmarks itself which signaled it’s opposition to allowing demolition of the home when Knoth-Bruce made an informational presentation at the commission’s April meeting.

The neighborhood has shown a fair amount of opposition as well, arguing the home, while not a notable landmark, contributes to the historic character of the Third Lake Historic District. The development has had it’s supporters as well, contending that this particular home is beyond saving and would require repairs that might approach it’s current value. Additionally, many felt that it was only one of two single-family homes remaining on a block that is almost entirely commercial.

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Marquette Waterfront Festival This Weekend

Two day music and community event kicks off festival season

MWF2014mThere are now five major community events this summer, if you also count a concert series in Central Park which will be entering it’s second year. Tomorrow (June 13) and Sunday the Marquette Waterfront Festival will commence, featuring two days of music, food and popular events with a decidedly Near East Side flair.

It begins Saturday morning with the Dandelion Dash (registration at 7:15 race at 8:30), a multi-distance run culminating in a 100 yard dash (9:15 a.m.) by the smallest of dandelions. The official festival starts at noon with El Clan Destino taking the music stage.

On Sunday at 10:30 the “Fools Flotilla” organized by the River Alliance will parade down the river featuring the Forward Marching Band. Anyone who wants to participate in this river parade with a New Orleans flair should meet at the Tenny Boat Launch on the river at 9:30 a.m.

The other river activity is more serious, The Yahara River Canoe race at noon Sunday and is open humans of all ages and human powered craft. Contact John Haugen-Wente (241-0619) to enter. Food and drink from local vendors will be available including the Wil-Mar food stand offering standard festival fair of brats, pizza and soft drinks.

The entire event raises money for the Marquette Neighborhood Association to fund it’s operations that support the neighborhood. The event was started by Bob Queen several decades ago to help fight the possible closure of Marquette elementary school and has evolved into a major community gathering.

The music at the event is a major draw. You can read more about the acts featured this weekend on stage including descriptive bios of each act and the two day music schedule here.

Buraka Unveils Plans for Façade, Patio

MNA P&D to consider Buraka and Gib’s Bar request for outdoor seating

Plan for the exterior to the new Buraka, which will occupy 1210 Williamson.

Plan for the exterior to the new Buraka, which will occupy 1210 Williamson.

The Marquette Neighborhood Association Preservation & Development Committee meets Tuesday (June 9) to consider and vote on two requests for outdoor seating and one alcohol license. Maron Ragassa, owner of the much-hailed Buraka (1210 Williamson), has revealed drawings for the upgraded front of the building and rear deck and is seeking neighborhood support.

The concrete block building, which was constructed in 1966, has housed such venerated businesses as the Willy Bear and the just departed Jolly Bob’s, but is mostly architecturally unremarkable. This should win easy clearance from the Landmarks Commission; their staff report says Ragassa will have to modify the planned exterior insulation and siding as well as provide more detail about how the rear deck will relate to the building.

Plans submitted to Landmarks shows a layout very similar to Jolly Bob’s with seating for 40 and additional 17 at bar stools. Another eight could be seated outside. Inside capacity is shown at 74 with District Six Alder Marsha Rummel reporting a total capacity of 119. Buraka will be applying to the Alcohol Licensing Review Committee for a Class B combo liquor license with 30 percent alcohol to 65 percent food ratio.  Continue reading

MNA Neighborhood Garage Sale Saturday

Residents to sell “gently used” items curbside beginning at 8 a.m.


Click on picture for for larger view of map. Courtesy: MNA

The Annual Marquette Neighborhood Association Garage Sale begins Saturday June 6, 2015 at 8 a.m. within the confines of the Marquette Neighborhood. Residents with items for sale who have signed up in advance will be listed in advertisements and receive a yard sign, however one doesn’t need to sign up to sell items in front of their home.

The  general boundaries of the Marquette Neighborhood are from Blair street in the west to Division street in the east and from East Washington Avenue to Lake Monona. Those who don’t sell items by 3 p.m will have an opportunity to donate them to St. Vincent de Paul which will be circulating a truck through the neighborhood at that time.

New this year to the event is a partnership with the Mad City Bazaar which will be open from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. in the parking lot of the Washington Plaza at 1800 East Washington Avenue.

The MNA is holding this community event as part spring cleaning, part ice breaker for residents to meet one another. MNA supports many community events and initiatives including the Marquette Waterfront Festival, Orton Park Festival, youth scholarships and community art projects.

If you haven’t joined MNA or your membership has lapsed; joining or joining again is only $5.