City’s Emerald Ash Borer Website Updated

The City of Madison Forestry Section has updated its Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) website. There are two new features including a direct email link to the Forestry section to report a suspected EAB sighting. The site also has a search function that will indicate if there is an ash tree planted in front of your residence or within the neighborhood.

At this time, there has been no confirmed sighing of EAB in Dane County but the City encourages residents to visit the website to keep learn more and keep up with the effort to prevent EAAB in Madison and Dane County

Visit the EAB site here


Yard Waste Sites Will Close Sunday

Saturday and part of Sunday, minus the Packer game, is all the time that is left to clean up your yard and dispose of it before spring. The City of Madison yard waste drop off sites will close for the season at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday December 2nd. The Site at 402 South Point RD will be closed permanently.

Residents with leaves and yard waste who do not get their material to the sites this weekend can still bring material to the Sites at 1501 W. Badger Rd or 4602 Sycamore AV, compost material at home or hold it until spring.  Continue reading

Petition Started to Boost Eastside Public Market

City pushing ahead with Public Market plans with location up for grabs

Boosters of an east Isthmus location for the City’s Public Market hope continuing plans for Central Park will enhance its prospects of locating nearby.

The City of Madison is proceeding with plans for a Public Market, something Mayor Paul Soglin has been advocating since the summer. Former Mayor Dave Cieslewicz has also been bullish on a market, but has insisted that it be located downtown.

Public Markets are much like farmer’s markets except they are open most days of the week and are enclosed to fair degree if not entirely. Now with a City committee developing a plan backed by a $1.2 million budget, a petition created by the Eastside residents hopes to encourage the City to locate the market on the Eastside.  Continue reading

Willy Kids Listserv Hopes to Connect Neighborhood Families

Neighborhood resident Melody Niwot has begun an online email listserv called Willy Kids to help connect families with young children in the neighborhood.  The email group is intended to serve families with young children in the Wil-Mar and Atwood Neighborhoods, facilitating community and allowing families to share resources and information. Continue reading

Free Mulch and Compost Available from Union Corners

Garden project ends to make way for expected development


Joe Mingle, leader of the Union Corners Garden project invites residents to take advantage of mulch and compost that will no longer be used for urban gardens at the Union Corners site. Joe writes that the huegelkultur beds installed by the Permaculture Guild did great despite the drought.

A good crop of lettuce was had in the Spring. But the extreme summer heat and drought took its tol and “working the raised beds on the cement slab was like gardening on some desolate moonscape.”  Continue reading

Capital City Bike Path Closure Starts this Month

Path across Starkweather Creek and eastward to close until March

The Capital City Trail will close at the end of November from Sugar Avenue to Walter Street until March 2013.

Contractors for the City of Madison will begin a project to stabilize the drainage ditch along the Capital City Path from Starkweather Creek to Walter Street in late-November, 2012 (Contract 6469). This work will require the path to be closed to all bicycle and pedestrian traffic from Sugar Avenue (Olbrich Gardens) to Walter Street. There will be a marked bicycle detour beginning at Fair Oaks Ave and continuing on Ivy St, the path in OB Sherry Park, Starkweather Drive and Hargrove St to Walter St.  Continue reading

Wireless Water Meters Info Table at Farmer’s Market

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Whether it was a direct result of recent concerns about wireless water meters; the Madison Water Utility along with our Project H2O contractor, Corix Utilities, will have an informational table at the Dane County Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Square this Saturday November, 10th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.   Continue reading