Gib’s Indulges Dinner Party Desires Without the Cleanup

Craft cocktail lounge with in-home feel opens as companion to Grampa’s Pizzeria


The upstairs bar at Gib’s, features stools and is adjacent to two parlor-type seating areas.

Walk past the two-story frame house at 1380 Williamson Street and one might think they missed an invite to a house party, but you haven’t, because everyone is invited. Tonight (April 18) is the grand opening of Gib’s Bar, a companion cocktail lounge to Grampa’s Pizzeria next door.

Cast aside your visions of sweaty college kids and gallons of Busch Light, and instead imagine a typical home in the Marquette neighborhood with several of your friends before a dinner party; relaxing on carefully considered furniture on top of wood floors and trim that home buyers dream about.

Thursday night Gib’s, a shared nickname for Owner Gilbert Altschul and his late grandfather, held a soft opening and approximately 100 people over four hours, sampled both the atmosphere and the drink selections, which will be heavy on intricately styled craft cocktails. Snap assessment: Get to Gib’s before it gets really popular because it will, quick.

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Marquette Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday

Festivities begin at 10 a.m. in the center of the park

Examining their loot after the bing, frantic hunt in Orton Park, April 20, 2014.

Examining their loot after the bing, frantic hunt in Orton Park, April 20, 2014.

Marquette Neighborhood residents will be holding an Easter egg hunt for children on Sunday April 5, 2015. Arrive at 9 a.m to hide the eggs with the hunt to commence at 10 a.m. Organizers also suggest attendees can bring a dish to share at the gazebo following the hunt.

Over 40 children and their families gathered last year to share food and race across the park to find plastic eggs filled with all the things kids like in an egg, various forms of candy. Organized again this year by Meghan Blake-Horst and Lynn Lee, the gathering harkens back to earlier neighborhood events that were smaller and more organic.

See the event’s facebook page for more information.

See photos from last year’s hunt below:

Marquette Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt 2014

[img src=]27790
Participants are made to run in a circle to make sure they are properly warmed up for the hunt.
[img src=]1300
A pre-hunt briefing was held with different age groups sent to different areas of the park.
[img src=]950
And they are off!
[img src=]1040
A fair bounty secured by this young participant
[img src=]710
Adults were allowed to help as needed.
[img src=]720
[img src=]650
This location served up a quandary for several boys. Many tried leaping, throwing twigs, but later was dislodged by an adult.
[img src=]830
Happiness is your friends and a basket full of plastic Easter eggs.
[img src=]550
This boy was fleet of foot...literally.
[img src=]620
The photographer kept a close eye on this egg, but rarely was an egg rescue attempted. However it was eyed often by kids as they passed by.
[img src=]530
[img src=]460
Dad leads the way with his egg-tracking ears.
[img src=]560
One girl rests and reflects on her effort this morning.
[img src=]540
Unrestrained joy.
[img src=]560
[img src=]520
Having found their eggs, these two girls had moved onto chatting about other things.
[img src=]490
[img src=]530
Sorting their loot
[img src=]520
The tools of the trade. Razor, liquids, and the 21st century Easter basket, the bike helmet.
[img src=]510
Food always follows a successful hunt.
[img src=]660
Co-organizer Lynn Lee.