Gallery: The Goat Posse 2013

The Goat Posse is hard at work with eight productions already in the can as of 3 a.m Sunday. The Posse has been busy producing original audio, hosting Trivia shifts, and raising general mayhem with the other student media arms. Take a look at what we have been doing and try to avoid being trampled.


Captains of the Goat Posse formed a boarding party and captured UTVS "Enterprise" and Captains Gary Zimmerman.


Gallery: The Shake – A – Hamster Band

Nature Hamster gives direction to the horns section through the intercom.

Nature Hamster gives direction to the horn section through the intercom.

The Shake – A – Hamster Band is a group of KVSC Alumni and area musicians that gather during Trivia to create trivia related tunes based on popular songs. We look-in as they are rehearsing a funk-based song. The band features drums, bass, two guitars, keyboard, vocals, and a four piece horn section called the Power of Sauerkraut.


Hashing out the lyrics in the sound booth.