Gallery: Inauguration 2013

Barack Obama sworn in for second term, WSB stymied by protester

The second Inauguration of President Barack Obama - January 21, 2013.

The second Inauguration of President Barack Obama – January 21, 2013.

Willy Street Blog has a D.C. Annex and took time to attend the swearing-in for Barack Obama’s second term. It was a glorious day in Washington D.C., as glorious as a January can be in one of the northernmost southern Cities. Occasional sunshine and a high near 50 with very light breezes made for great all-day viewing of the events.

A workman-like speech was given by the re-elected President Barack Obama, however the crowd was dazzled by how enchanting the President and First Lady looked on this day. The newly acquired bangs of the First Lady were almost trumped by her fantastic overcoat.  Continue reading

The War on Women: In Their Own Words

Still don’t think there is a war on women by the GOP and conservatives? This video produced by has women deliver many of the patently ridiculous statements about women’s health, reproduction, and contraception made by males who are elected Republicans or prominent conservatives. It’s a clever strategy because hearing women say these words makes them exceedingly more preposterous than when they were uttered by their original orator…if that’s possible.

Making Sex Ed Like They Used To

A sex education worksheet I completed in the 8th grade. (1987) The straight forward common sense options presented here would cause media sensations today. (Click on image to view in full)

The Wisconsin Assembly this week is taking up a bill passed by the state Senate last year that will repeal the Healthy Youth Act, (Sec. 118.01) a law that according to the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health “sets a minimum standard for sex education in Wisconsin – requiring that sex education taught in Wisconsin public schools to be medically accurate, age-appropriate and comprehensive”. The repeal attempt seems like another desperate attempt by conservatives to impose a failed monolithic approach to sex education.

It didn’t used to be that way; my own experience with sex education in schools seemed normal and non-controversial. During a recent move, I did a massive sort through some old papers and discovered a couple of sex ed worksheets from eighth grade (1987) that would likely cause Rick Santorum to throw up a lung and Rush Limbaugh to heat up and float away.  Continue reading