You Don’t Have to be Political to Love Radicals

Madison’s pro Ultimate Disc team is winning fans in second season

Madison Radicals Defender Mike Swain appreciates his fandom, the UW-Whitewater grad and U.S. Army veteran is a fan favorite.

Mike Swain, a Madison Radicals defender and U.S. Army veteran ,appreciates his fandom.

While Madison tries hard to support its professional sports teams for as long as they exist; I believe, after attending my first American Ultimate Disc League game recently, that the Madison Radicals may be the truest form of social and sporting expression that this city can make.

For as long as I can remember, warm sunny days in¬†any Madison park, but surely James Madison, have fostered the fertile natural and native¬†talent of disc players, much like hockey seemingly grows from the soil of Minnesota. As amatuer teams still thrive in this city, its deep bench is also able to stack a strong group of “paid” players that almost won the professional league championship last year.

My first Radicals game two weeks ago (May 9) was at Breese Stevens Field, a glorious historic stadium that the City of Madison has steadfastly has committed to keeping active, mostly through soccer tournaments.

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