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Neighborhood blog to continue hyper-focus

What do you give the neighborhood that has everything? Well certainly not another person with an opinion. When you start a blog, its like any good essay, pick a few central themes and nurture them with attribution and reasoned analysis. But it is no small challenge to write about by far the most engaged, opinionated, funky, and cool neighborhood in the nation.

Willy Street Blog was born in March 2012, in the midst of the recall drive, but soon turned away from state politics as plenty of great voices were already speaking to the issue. In a city that features stupendous local reporting from numerous outlets, why should anyone bother to read some random blog?

The key is to really not care.

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Heenan Shooting Report Released

Paul Heenan. Courtesy: Cress Funeral Home

Paul Heenan. Courtesy: Cress Funeral Home

A report following the Madison Police Investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Paul  Heenan on South Baldwin Street on November 9, 2012 has been released. Officer Stephen Heimsness, while responding to a 911 burglary in-progress call, shot Heenan three times after they had briefly struggled.

The details of that night have been somewhat in dispute leaving some neighborhood residents uneasy about police policies and transparency. The Dane County District Attorney’s office cleared Officer Heimsness of any criminal culpability, and the police department said he did not violate any policies in the process of executing his duties.  Continue reading